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Effects of tumor burden change (response) on survival in mesothelioma

Effects of tumor burden change (response) on survival in mesothelioma

Aaron Mansfield

Mayo Clinic

I am funded by the NIH and my time would be used to complete this project with that of Prof. Symanowski's.

ASCO Lung Cancer Education Committee

22 December 2016

Overall survival is the gold standard of end-points for clinical trials in oncology; however, this measurement is complicated by competing mortality and cross-over to other therapies. Responses, or reductions in tumor burden, are commonly analyzed in clinical trials, but nobody has demonstrated whether response rates correlate with survival outcomes in mesothelioma. Demonstration of the correlation of responses with survival outcomes would provide validation to using response rates as endpoints in this disease.

[{ "PostingID": 3199, "Title": "LILLY-H3E-MC-JMCH", "Description": "A Single-Blind Randomized Phase III Trial of MTA Plus Cisplatin Versus Cisplatin in Patients With Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

Medicine: Pemetrexed, Condition: Mesothelioma, Phase: 3, Clinical Study ID: H3E-MC-JMCH, Sponsor: Lilly" }]

Statistical Analysis Plan

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