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Reasons why access cannot be provided (enquiries for Eisai studies)

Reason Number of studies
Considered out of scope per our Sponsor Specific Information 11
There is a reasonable likelihood that patients could be re-identified 23
Unapproved indication 4
Eisai is not the sponsor of the requested study and therefore does not have the legal authority to share the data 6
Not published or accepted for publication 1
There are considerable operational constraints to providing access to the data due to the age of many of the studies 13
Unable to identify study from information provided 2
Unable to share due to ongoing regulatory activities 1

+ The Research Proposal is not seeking access to anonymised patient level data

+ The Research Proposal did not meet the Sponsor policies for informed consent

+ The proposed research required data that was not collected in the studies requested

+ The Research Proposal competes with the Sponsor's publication plan