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CSDR Cycle Times for Research Proposals submitted in 2021 (N-47)

WT / Sponsor Checks
Mean 2 months
IRP Review
Mean 1 month
DSA Review and Sign Off *  
Mean 1.4 months
Data/Document Preparation
Mean 0.7 months
Median 1.6 months
Range 0-6 months
Median 0.9 months
Range 0.5-2.3 months
Median 0.8 months
Range 0-4.3 months
Median 2.6 months
Range .7-3.6 months
Submission to Data Access Provided (n=4)
Mean 5.5 months, Median 5.0 months, Range 4.7-2 months

Primary factors that affect the timelines:

  • Institution's DSA review process
  • Response to questions from IRP Secretariat
  • Sponsor review meeting schedules
  • Ongoing enquiry for studies not listed on CSDR
WT = Wellcome Trust Secretariat
DSA = Data Sharing Agreement
IRP = Independent Review Panel
* Note that DSA Review and Sign-off period can be greatly reduced if the standard DSA is accepted

Studies (Up to 1 May 2023)

The total number of studies listed on this site is 3052.

Research Proposals requesting access to patient level data (Up to 1 May 2023)

A summary of the number of Research Proposals received via this site since May 2013 is provided here and is updated monthly.

The table below provides metrics for different parts of the process following submission of a Research Proposal (Requirements check, Independent Review Panel (IRP) review, Data Sharing Agreement, Data preparation, Data Access and Publication). The "In process" rows provide the number of Research Proposals in this part of the process. The other rows for each part of the process provide the total number of Research Proposals that have achieved that outcome. Metrics include previous and current Consortium Members.

Number of Research Proposals submitted up to 1 May 2023 722
Requirements check In process 2
Withdrawn by the requestor 76
No response received 52
Did not meet requirements (further details) 25
Potential conflict of interest or an actual or potential competitive risk 1
Met requirements 566
IRP review In process 2
Withdrawn by the requestor 6
No response received 10
Rejected or advised to re-submit 88
Approved or approved with conditions 460
Data Sharing Agreement In process 30
Withdrawn by the requestor 40
No response received 18
Not agreed by requestor 4
Agreed (signed) View details of these Research Proposals 368
Data preparation In process 3
Withdrawn by the requestor 3
No response received 3
Complete (data available) 359
Data Access Access provided 152
Withdrawn by the requestor 7
Access closed 200
Publication anticipated 57
View details of these Research Proposal Publications (132)
Withdrawn by requestor 19
No response received 19
Publication not received after 18 months of Access Closed 21

Multi-Sponsor Research Proposals were possible starting 1 January 2014. Out of 700 proposals submitted since 1 January 2014, 135 were multi-Sponsor proposals.

Enquiries related to non-listed studies (up to 30 September 2022)

A summary of the number of Enquiries received via this site since May 2013 is provided here and is updated every 3 months.

The table below provides information on the number of non-listed studies for which Enquiries were received via ClinicalStudyDataRequest.com. Enquiries received outside the system, general Enquiries not related to accessing patient level data, Enquiries requesting access to documents only and Enquiries for specific data points are not included in these metrics.

Study Sponsor Number of non-listed studies requested Number of studies undergoing feasibility assessments Number of studies with a positive response1 Number of studies with a negative response2
Astellas 99 11 10 77 (further details)
Boehringer Ingelheim 74 0 43 31 (further details)
Daiichi Sankyo 2 1 0 2 (further details)
Eisai 67 0 6 61 (further details)
GSK 303 1 216 86 (further details)
Lilly 205 0 92 113 (further details)
Novartis 487 0 188 298 (further details)
Roche1 217 16 53 148 (further details)
Sanofi 187 1 59 127 (further details)
Takeda 100 0 23 77 (further details)
UCB 41 0 28 13 (further details)
ViiV Healthcare 9 0 8 1 (further details)

1 Study to be listed on ClinicalStudyDataRequest.com and researcher able to submit a Research Proposal, or access to the requested data is otherwise enabled.

2 Study will not be listed on ClinicalStudyDataRequest.com / access to data cannot be provided.